Acre Rig Mats & Oilfield Products Inc.

With decades of experience in the energy sector, design and construction, Acre Rig Mats & Oilfield Products, Inc. is dedicated to providing solutions that increase safety, protect the environment and equipment. We manufacture the strongest heavy duty matting solutions on the market. Bring on your heaviest equipment, rigs and cranes, we can handle it! Tested in the toughest climates and rugged terrain our mats are the choice for quick access, safe and stable platforms. When mats are used for drill sites and access to remote sites, the stable yet temporary solutions prevent permanent damage to the local environment. With little disturbance to the environment, significant savings in reclamation costs is realized and the environment can return to a natural state at a faster rate.

  • Rig Mats for drilling sites
  • Safe non-slip walkways
  • Access to remote project sites
  • Helipads
  • Road Construction
  • Over pipelines and utilities
  • Temporary platforms for Disaster Relief areas
  • Stable platforms for environmentally sensitive areas

Our design and fabrication capabilities include the production of Floc Tanks, Shale/Mix Bins, Road/Line Crossings and Skids to improve your production, increase safety and protect valuable equipment and assets. We can custom fabricate to specific customer requirements.

Serving the oil and gas industry across Canada and the USA

Industries Served

Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction and Utility, Logging, Alternative Energy, Marine and Environmental Cleanup.