Design & Fabrication

Acre Rig Mats & Oilfield Products Inc. can design and fabricate to your specifications.

Manufactured at our facility, all of our tanks and line crossings are built with the highest quality and sound construction. All Acre tanks are carefully tested and go through quality assurance at our facility. Customer satisfaction and workplace safety are our number one priorities.

Shale/Mix Bins

Acre shale/mix bins are heavy-duty and designed to hold drill cuttings and any solid waste created at the drill site. We can provide both high sided and low sided bins to any custom specifications.


We’ve built hundreds of reliable long-lasting skids. We have some standard skids and Acre can build custom skids to your exact specifications.

Road/Line Crossing

Acre line crossings are built to specification and can be made to various lengths. Whether it is for the drill site or tank farm, these steel-plated durable crossings are built to handle the weight of heavy machinery to protect lines, wires, pipes, tubes and hoses. Constructed to prevent slippage, Acre line crossings protect your assets, equipment and operators.

Rugged Oil Field Tanks

Floc Tanks
We can custom fabricate to the specific number of compartments, total barrel capacity, wall thickness and paint specifications required. We build these tanks with exceptional strength to stand up to the elements and safely store waste water per the EPA requirements.