Rig Mats

Acre rig mats are used as a portable platform to support equipment in resource-based activities and construction.

Oil Field Rig Mats from Acre offer a level, dependable and durable surface for drilling rigs, workers and the heavy equipment used in extraction. Acre rig mats are perfect for use over unstable ground conditions and in the most extreme weather while minimizing the environmental impact.

Traditional Mats

The Acre heavy-duty traditional rig mat is designed to be durable and stand up to the harshest climates and environments. These carefully constructed wooden rig mats gain their structural strength by the 6 @ 15 steel beams that surround the design. Rig set up and tear down is fast and these mats can be easily cleaned and shipped to your next location..

Acre traditional rig mats are manufactured in a four-beam and three-beam designs. Both offer a work platform for equal weight distribution and a cleaner working environment.