Walkway Mats

Improve site safety with slip-free walkways.

Walkway mats are made of serrated bar grating featuring a spill containment option. They are an industrial designed mat to prevent employees and other workers from slipping in wet conditions on well-sites or construction sites.

Walkway Advantages

  • Walkways can be built to custom size and design based on customer requirements.
  • Walkways are designed to provide safe gripping for employees when walking in wet and slippery conditions such as rain, snow debris, and ice buildup. The serrated bar grating allows for great traction and drainage of water.


  • Wide flange beam or tube construction, with serrated bar grating
  • Boxed ends
  • Boxed-in lifting shackles
  • Spill containment option reduces clean-up costs
Specification Acre
Size 4′ Wide / 8′ Wide (Length is built to spec.)