Access Mats

Acre Rig Mats & Oilfield Products Inc. manufactures matting solutions that help your crews gain access to remote areas in any climate.

With better traction and stability, Acre mats create a temporary road system over rugged terrain, ice and swamp conditions. Durable and constructed with only the best materials, Acre access mats allow you to move cranes, dozers, oil rigs and other heavy equipment with certainty. Better and year-round access can extend your drilling season.

Traditional Bolted Access Mat

Access mats (swamp mats) help protect your crew, vehicles, heavy equipment and the most sensitive environments. With little disturbance, your project will leave the environment ready to return quickly to its natural state. Not only will you save in roadwork and gravel, installation is fast and efficient. We have the capacity to make over 2,000 mats each month.

Manufacturing Capacity. Strict Quality Control. Safety.

The base factor that largely determines the quality and structural integrity of the finished 3 ply mat is the Lumber Grade & Quality. Because ‘green rough cut’ lumber is utilized and there are no true industry standards for the size, grade, spec detail or defect allowance; a very wide range of species and overall quality are used by the various mat manufacturers. Acre has evaluated the history and evolution of the 3 ply mats and decided that we will only build “The Best” 3 ply mat in the entire industry.

Our traditional bolted mat is also an extremely durable product, and with Acre Rig Mat’s strict product control, improved design and construction, these mats are built to last.

Specification Acre
Species Douglas & Hemlock on request
Size Excellent Consistency – Thickness 1 3/4″ +/- 1/16″
Wane Strong #2 Wane Rule
Splits Only minor end checking
Rot No rot allowed
Bolts 180 3/8″ carriage bolts with consistent depth
Weight Fir 1880 lbs