Interlocking Mats

Acre Interlocking Mats won’t come apart until you’re ready.

Acre Interlocking mats lock together to create a pad that distributes weight between all the mats so when they are placed over wet or uneven areas, they lock together and create a solid even surface.

  • Our specific design is unique, as it has a ramp at one end which allows the user to easily gain access to the pad without the worry of tire punctures.
  • Additonally, the Acre Interlocking mats are extremely easy to clean out as opposed to other designs that are quite hard to clean out and add time and labor to a project.
  • As many temporary roadways require curves and bends to access your project site, Acre interlocking mats allow for some movement, so they can fit along the contour of the land to create gradual curves in this application.

Through a series of stress tests, we have proven our mats not only hold up under pressure, but can continue to stay locked when you need to move locations. You can turn and pivot to maneuver easily on uneven terrain, pick them up, drive on them and they’ll still stay locked. This can save hours of time when changing locations.